Saturday, October 12, 2013

Blogging isn't Dead

Nearly 18 months have passed since I last wrote a blog post.  Several of you have inquired about why I stopped blogging.  There are two reasons: 1. Life got messy and complicated 2. No one reads blogs anymore.  Seriously, I had folks tell me they loved my blog, but asked if I could make it shorter because they were too long.  I explained the difference between a blog and a tweet, but still people insist shorter is better.  So, here I am updating my website and wondering if blogging is even relevant anymore.  Oh, what a short two year love affair we had!  The thing is, I still write nearly everyday in my journal keeping up with thoughts.  Writing for me has always felt good and been a place for me to record feelings and goals.  It's always a treat to go back and read what was written.  You can see how there are themes in your life and looking back you can see how you got exactly where you are.  I love that about writing.  I've been doing some reading of old journals and it's refreshing to see my growth and very interesting to see how long it takes before change actually occurs.  You don't get a lesson until you GET the lesson and you will repeat something over and over until it becomes your new way.  This applies to your artistry, technical issues, as well as any growth happening in relationships.  So, I write this blog post to encourage all of you young singers (my main audience here) to begin a journal practice.  Try a stream of consciousness of three pages every morning before you even hit that first cup of coffee.  Sit with yourself and listen and write.  It doesn't have to be profound and can even be a series of words.  I started doing this after reading The Artist's Way by  Julia Cameron.  It's become a fairly regular practice and helps me tune into myself each day instead of jumping straight into emails or Facebook.  It's a place of total honesty and freedom, which means I need to add a line in my will as to who gets to read them when I die!  So, I'm back friends!  I'm going to start blogging again and will try to keep it somewhere between a tweet and a novel.

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