Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I went to a debate last week at Columbia University and the topic was Freedom of Expression: The Controversy. During the debate the panelists centered around the idea that although we have freedom of speech, there must always be a limit to that freedom and that the controversy lies in who determines what type of speech is appropriate and what is blasphemous. It was an intense conversation between the panelists who were arguing that 'insanity' or false proclamations tend to exhaust themselves and die out (example given in the debate was the denial of the Holocaust by certain groups) and that truth will eventually triumph. By the end of the discussion, as you can imagine, there wasn't a resolution as to who or what should control our freedom of speech. Words can be the most vile weapon and certainly can be the soul that unifies a people. Insert large audible inhale and exhale.

All I know is that I love words. I love to talk them and I love to sing them. I love to express myself and for others to do the same. I hate the thought of limits to our speech and freedom with words but I also hate how irresponsible people can be with their words. So, insert another long large audible inhale and exhale. The pendulum swings.

Enjoy these words from a poet, who I believe knows the power and responsibility of her words.
Say Yes by Andrea Gibson

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