Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Leah's Loafings

I spend a little time each day perusing through Facebook and Twitter and I find huge amounts of enjoyment reading posts of friends I don't see often enough. I've recently become a twitterer and I follow people and organizations to stay abreast of interesting things in my field of opera or other arts and hobbies I like. I tweet, I post, I retweet, I 'like' things on Facebook and although I'd rather be more connected physically with people, in your face so to speak, I see that our social media can do wonders for sending messages of goodness and spreading news about art and the need for more art and not less. So this is why I am bringing an occasional blog post linking you to the tweets and postings I find the most interesting and worthy of the retweet or like button. Enjoy!

Mind Body : : Awakening the Artist How Yoga can awaken your focus and skill and tap into your bravest creativity. Basically, tools to get your mind to shut up and your body to run the show.

Opera Beat: : Opera Idol My opera idol Renee Fleming offers a free concert in Chicago. Brava Renee!

Art Works: : Architecture from Music London-based architectural firm Orproject displays their proposal for the Busan Opera House in South Korea slated to begin construction in 2014. The design of the proposed structure, entitled "Anisotropia," is informed by a piano piece composed by the firm's director. The repetition of musical elements become the repetition of structural elements, such that "complex architectural rhythms...are used to control the light, view and shading properties of the facade." Check this out! Very unusual combination of two art forms. I think this is an incredible idea.

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