Saturday, October 29, 2011

It is finished!

It's Done!!!!  The recording is finished and I am elated.  I just got word that the final touches were done and I feel as though I did when I was a kid and I would run wildly into the field behind our house.  I don't know, so many things come to mind.  Giving forth all the wonderful energy in order to create this recording has been a blessing.  It has given me my voice back in ways.  I mean, my true voice.  Maybe I should call it my authenticity.  This recording is the truest expression of myself, my passions, and my reflections on why we are here.  It's that simple for me. It's all there... the praise, the prayers, the doubt, the hope, and the blessings. The process was daunting and there were times I didn't think it would happen.  But it is there on that brilliant digital machine and knowing that the words I've longed to sing are finally there, give me much joy and peace.  There is still work to be done on getting it printed and distributed and I have many liner notes to write.  But soon you will have what I have called 'my first born' in your I-pods! 

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