Sunday, September 5, 2010

Perfect what?

“No man is perfect, he just has perfect intentions.” I believe that quote came from the Kevin Costner Robin Hood movie from the early 90’s. It popped into my head this morning as I decided to get back on the blogging wagon. Five whole months have passed since I’ve written and although regretful, I am not too ashamed. I know it’s hard to gain a following of readers if one only writes every five months, but the last five months have been, let’s just say, scattered and a bit transitional for me. My internet connections were iffy and my focus was on packing up my home in Atlanta and moving to Philadelphia, spending time with family, and writing just wasn’t feeling natural. BUT, it’s a new season of opera and I’m now back into my rhythm and want to share with you some adventures! So, welcome back to all of us!

I arrived in Dresden, Germany on September 1 to get ready for my next performances as Violetta in La Traviata at the Semper Oper. I am ecstatic to be working in Europe again and am very much looking forward to singing in this magnificent house. Dresden is a very cool city, for lack of a better word. It sits on the surging Elbe River and has a majestic baroque skyline. It was completely destroyed in 1945 by American bombings and thankfully has seen recent growth and commitment to reconstruction. I must say that it is rather painful to visit museums here and see how devastated this city was after WWII. So, the word cool seems like a good description. The people are cool, nice, but not overly warm and the new construction with its lingering old facades makes its modernity chic and sehr hip.

I’m living in the restored home of the composer Heinrich Shutz. This building has been completely renovated and is brand spanking new. I believe I was the first to use the dishwasher, like a good American would. The building was built to serve as a retirement home for the elderly. It isn’t a nursing home like you would have in the states, but rather like a spa for the elderly. In every room there is an emergency call button and in the basement there is a spa where you can get massages and facials and spend time in the sauna or steam room. I think it is nice that they let young, loud opera singers stay here. I’ve heard there are four singers in the building. It’s actually a really good combination to pair the elderly with jubilant vocalizes and I hope they will think of our noises as a sort of music therapy. So far, no complaints.

Welcome back to How Can I Keep from Singing. I’m eager to begin a regular blogging practice and keep you all informed of my whereabouts, doings, and thoughts. Thanks for joining me again! Now off to Prague for a day before rehearsals start later this week. Happiness!

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