Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saxony Saturday

I am spoiled here in Dresden. As I was sitting out on the rooftop terrace of my apartment last night I saw a shooting star and made a wish. The glow of the Frauenkirche was in view as I sat on the rooftop with a dear friend among the stars, some creepy night time birds, and a warm cup of tea. Earlier in the day I had completed a long rehearsal on Act II of La Traviata at the Semper Oper. It was a good rehearsal and we ended at 1:00. It was a gorgeous fall afternoon so we got on our bikes and headed out into the country at least two or three miles out of town. We biked along the Elbe and marveled at the towns off in the distance. We could see spires of churches or of old castles. Saxony is a breathtaking place. As we rode along we came upon a windmill. It reminded me of the Keebler Elf windmill. It had been there for ages and as we topped the cobblestoned hill path we realized it had a biergarten in the rear with a spectacular view of the river. We parked our bikes and shared a delicious slice of buttermilk cake and two dark local beers. Families were out with their children and older people were out with their dogs. Fall began to creep into the air later that day and you could tell that people were out grasping the last bit of warmth left in the month of September. I drove my bike back to Dresden with a smile on my face counting my blessings for my day of work and play, for balance, and for beauty.

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