Thursday, October 7, 2010

Optimum Performance

I have completed two performances in Dresden and I have written about my time, but I just haven't had good internet connection in order to upload my blogs. So, when time permits I am going to be uploading previous entries. They will be out of order, but you'll get an idea of what I've been up to over here across the great pond.

Last night I finished performance #2 with conductor #2. That's how they do it over here a lot of the times. People come and go out of the production. It doesn't happen much in the States but here a lot of the supporting roles are sung by people on staff. If someone gets sick or has to sing in another production, then that singer is easily replaced by someone under what is called a fest contract. They are singers paid by the government to be a member of an opera company and have what most people would deem a normal life. Kind of nice, huh? On the one hand it is nice because you can be home every night to see your family and on the other you don't get to travel. So, depending on who you talk to, the pluses and minuses are weighed differently. Most singers are like me and want the best of both worlds. I could certainly do six months at home and six months on the road!

Last night was a very fun performance for me because, with opening night behind me, my nerves and energies were back down to a normal level, thus letting me breath deeper and settle into the production more. I felt that last night I was really able to calmly sing and be a part of each note. I've heard football players speak about how when they catch a fabulous pass or run a long sprint to a touchdown, that they feel time stops or slows down as they are participating in it. That's right, participating. It's kind of like it is happening to you rather than you being the person making it happen. That's called being in the moment and that is what a lot of last night was for me. I could sense everything I did. I wasn't ahead of myself thinking of what difficulties lay ahead and I wasn't behind myself wishing for a little more time on a phrase. I was just there, doing my thing, and I had a great time. That's really what we work hard for as performers or athletes. It's called optimum performance. It doesn't mean that the performance is perfect, but it means that you are operating on a high functioning level, that you are in complete control and in a relaxed state of being while doing it. I've been working hard over the years to add this layer to my performances. Yoga helps me tremendously and so does just plain ole being nice to myself while I'm singing. Once I get Sue Sylvester to shut up I'm free to have fun and do whatever I want! (Click here for one of my favorite Sue moments!)

This morning I flew to Paris because I have an audition tomorrow. I spent the afternoon walking around visiting my favorite places. Paris is amazing in the fall. I wrote a handwritten journal entry that I will type and share soon. Until then, here it goes for this entry... Proofread and then upload. Come on internet, ignite!

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